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Freestanding Wood Burning Stove, Round Shape

In the market, there are different types of wood burning stoves. Some wood stoves have a high efficiency secondary and tertiary combustion system which helps ensure higher heat generation, lower pollutant emissions and lower heating costs. Some come with special fasteners to ensure optimal stability. Some wood burners are designed with an integrated handle outside of the heated area to ensure easy handle.

We is an experienced wood burning stove manufacturer in China, and this page will introduce you one of our freestanding stoves which is slim and cylindrical structured. We wood burning stoves requires a smaller amount of fuel and comes with a big glass window through which we can have a clear view of the fire. It uses wood as fuels. Its combustion chamber is designed to hold large pieces of wood so that we do not need to frequently refuel the stove and can spend more time enjoying the warmth and cozy atmosphere.

Our company highly values innovation. In order to offer quality wood stoves to our customers, we have made tremendous efforts to enhance our research and development capability meanwhile, we have acquired advanced production and testing equipment. We have also built a research and development center which is mainly committed to offering better quality heating appliances, fireplace fittings, ventilation installations, and simulation charcoal, etc. Hence , we can manufacture not only wood stoves , but also biomass wood pellet stoves , cast iron stove.

Technical data and ordering information of freestanding wood burning stove, CL07B

Model CL07B
Unit Price (FOB)
Loading port FOB Ningbo MOQ 40'HQ
Material Steel, Refractory bricks, cast iron plate, NEG glass, Forest brand paint.
Specifications Heat output nominal (kW): 7KW.
Weight Efficiency: 75%
Flue outlet(mm): 150mm available
N.W/115KGS G.W/150KGS
Delivery Time 45days after order confirmed
Product Size: MM H W D
994 549 456
Packing individual carton with pallet package
Box Dimensions CTN Dimensions Quantity Meas. N.W. G.W. 20' 40' 40'HQ
MM inner box out carton CBM KGS PCS
610*510*1140mm 1pcs 1pcs 0.36 115 150     160
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